These are some of the personal projects I have been up to. Make sure to check them out on GitHub as well.

My writing style within the projects aims at a simple-to-complex narrative. I try to start with the more artistic, easy-to-digest ideas for the general audience and I get increasingly technical towards the end to also content fellow scientists and engineers.

You can also find the icons and as a guideline to establish the separation between art and technique, respectively. That being said, if you think you lack the background to understand the deepest details, feel free to jump out of the boat at any time.

White Nightmare

When I was a child, I used to have a recurrent nightmare. Now I have recreated it with code.

User activity

Engineering problems are often too abstract to catch the eyes of laymen, but a right representation can unveil the hidden beauty of the underlying arithmetic.

Playing with the maths of music

Music is ruled by mathematical laws. Staring at the numbers was not enough for me though, so I have coded a tool to actually listen to it.