Technische Universität Berlin


Currently I am pursuing my PhD at TU Berlin within the Network Information Theory Group. You can find some information about my research here or at the group’s site.

Technische Universität München


I finished my Master’s during an Erasmus exchange year at TUM. There I also wrote my Master’s thesis at the Chair for Real-time Computer Systems.

Universidad Politécnica de Madrid


I received my Bachelor and Master Degrees for Telecommunication Engineering from UPM in 2015 and 2017, respectively. During the last years of the Bachelor and the first year of the Master I also collaborated with the Department of Electronic Engineering, either within the BQ Chair (Link in Spanish) or at the B105 Electronic Systems Lab.

Student Projects

Along with my regular courses, I already had the chance to get hands-on experience during my graduate and undergraduate times thanks to different projects and theses:

  • Requirements and Partitioning of Otoacoustic Emission Measurement Algorithms. During my exchange year at TU Munich, I was lucky enough to work on Otoacoustic Emission (OAE) techniques on embedded systems for my Master’s Thesis. OAEs enable objective diagnosis of hearing impairment, which is mostly applied to neonates. The goal within the project was to contribute to the development of smartphone-ready OAE measurement devices that make OAE early screening worldwide available in order to reduce the incidence of hearing impairment in infants.
  • Ofelia. High-End Loudspeakers. As a research assistant at B105 Electronic Systems Lab at UPM, I could develop digital signal processing algorithms for the equalization and calibration of Ofelia high-end loudspeakers (Online information available in Spanish).
  • BQ Chair. I worked for the spanish electronic manufacturer BQ at their University-Industry Chair at UPM as part of my Bachelor’s thesis. There I developed a proof of concept of a wireless interactive monitoring system. The linked video (in Spanish) showcases the student projects my classmates in the chair and I were working in at that time.
  • Pi Matching. Rasperry-Pi-based Speech recognition system. Together with my dear classmate Guillermo Ortiz Jiménez, I worked in a special project on embedded speech recognition for a lab course on digital systems during our undergraduate studies.